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Hands on Care | South Carolina

Hands On Care

What types of jobs could a volunteer expect to do working directly with the patient?

Patient/Family Support

Support for patients. Companionship – volunteers spend time with patients sharing interests, reading, enjoying conversations, taking walks, listening to music, and simply being present.

Respite and support for family members. Volunteers can assist with shopping or allow family caregivers the opportunity to take care of necessary errands, exercise, or simply have some time alone. Volunteers can also help care for a family pet.

Life Reflections program provides a patient the opportunity to tell his/her life story through the use of video, photography, journaling, letter writing, and/or scrapbooking.

Music Enrichment Volunteers sing or play a musical instrument to entertain our patients and their families.

Music at the Bedside. The use of music as a tool, gift or opportunity to bring peace and comfort. In addition to musicians performing for patients, there is also an opportunity to share musical interests with a patient via music CD’s.

Pet Therapy volunteers. Screened and trained pets and their volunteer owners visit patients and provide socialization and comfort.

K-9 Forward Program. Pet Care – Assist patients and their families in caring for their pets. This will include walking, playing, and feeding.

Personal Pampering Volunteers. Trained volunteers apply lotion and polish nails to raise patients’ esteem.

Tuck-In Calls. Even though patients and their caregivers know that hospice staff is available 24/7, the Tuck-in program was established to assure that patients and families have the supplies that they need on-hand as the weekend approaches. 

Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program. Volunteers are essential to the delivery of quality hospice care. Veterans are a part of a distinct culture with their own common language and experience. When Veterans interact, their common language and experience can form a strong relational bond. The camaraderie created between Veterans has proven to be supportive for all involved.

Comfort Artist Volunteers. Create comforting items to patients and/or family members through your ability to sew, knit or crochet, including:

  • Prayer shawls, lap robes, hats, and blankets
  • Memory pillows created by sewing together clothing or special material pieces supplied by the patient or family

Lawn Care Assistance and garden maintenance. Help caregivers with their lawn or gardens, including cutting grass, watering, weeding or re-potting of houseplants.

Licensed/Professional Volunteers They must be licensed and/or certified in their discipline in order to provide assistance to patients and caregivers. These can include: Massage/Reiki Therapists, Counselors/Social Workers, Lawyers, Chaplains, Hairstylists, Manicurists/Pedicurists

Bereavement volunteers keep in contact with families for 13 months after the passing of a loved one through phone calls, visits, and mailings. In addition, they assist with the Remembrance Gatherings that are held twice a year.

What is Your Specialty or Talent?

We can also create volunteer opportunities, based on your skills, talent and expertise – such as music, pet care, gardening, writing, or photography. If you have the enthusiasm, we have a place for you!

Contact us today to find out more about how you can use your skills, talent and expertise to . 

The family of Dianne Bush wants to especially thank Jim Shinta, Kim Hartman and Melanie McAlhaney for their care of Dianne and the support and kindness shown to our family members. Dianne’s husband, Ashley, said “If I had known how much hospice could help I would have requested the service much earlier.”

The Bush family, Charleston SC

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