Administrative Support

As an administrative volunteer, you will find yourself engaging with many different rewarding tasks. Administrative volunteers can be involved in ways that ultimately lead to better care for the patients and their families served; answering phones, making calls to our patients, putting together information packets, stocking supplies, making birthday files, sending cards, and planning patient activities are just a sample of the work that helps support the overall hospice mission.

An administrative volunteer is best for a person who would prefer not to be involved directly with the patients but still wants to be an integral and valued part of the hospice team.

As an example, one volunteer wanted to help but was scared of the word “dying” and felt she would not be comfortable working directly with our patients. However, she was very comfortable doing administrative type work, and she was able to perform multiple jobs within an office setting.

She worked her way through the volunteer orientation process and gained valuable knowledge pertaining to death and ended up with a new perspective on the subject: that death is part of the life process and that there’s nothing to fear. While completing another task of compiling our new patient information packets, she continued to read and learn about hospice and what a blessing it is for families and their loved ones.

Recently her grandmother passed away, and she made the remark that without the knowledge she had gained from being an Agapé Hospice volunteer, she would never have appreciated or understood what was taking place as her grandmother went through the dying process.

All of us at Agapé are rewarded many times over by the patients we are so blessed to serve.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can volunteer to be an integral and valued part of the hospice team.

Dying is not a happy experience, but having people surround your family and loved one as they pass meant the world to us. the fact that they actually care about dying peacefully and make it their goal to provide comfort and peace during the process was so comforting.

Rebecca Steele,

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