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Agape Hospice Care Locations | South Carolina

Our South Carolina Hospice Care Locations


Agapé Hospice is ready to serve patients throughout all of South Carolina.

The choice to call on hospice care is never an easy one. It is often a decision wrought with emotion and is a part of a difficult time of life. For many, the choice to call in hospice solidifies the reality of a loved one’s current condition, a reality they might not want to face. However, hospice is much more than simply end-of-life medical care. At Agapé Hospice, we strive to give our patients and their families everything they need to face, endure, and even overcome this difficult time of life. Below you will find some more information about Agapé Hospice.

How Does Hospice Care Work?  

At Agapé Hospice, we work as a team. The members of our team include an attending physician, hospice physician, nurse practitioners, nursing team, nursing assistant and homemaker, medical social worker, chaplain, grief counselor, volunteers and after hours team. Each team member provides a different service to ensure every need of the hospice patient, along with those of their family, is met. This creates a comprehensive approach to end-of-life services, meaning all needs — be they physical, emotional or mental— are met.   

Purpose of Hospice Care

The purpose of hospice care is to give those individuals facing the end of life as much relief from pain as possible. Our team works tirelessly to come up with a plan of care that will make a patient’s passing more peaceful. Hospice is not created to cure a disease, but to manage the symptoms of an illness and make life more pleasant for those approaching the end of their life and those who love them. As such, hospice is comfort-focused. It is created to address not only physical pain, but also focuses on the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient and their loved ones. In essence, a hospice team is a group of professionals that walk alongside someone as they face death, or a patient’s loved ones as the patient approaches the end-of-their-life journey.

Spiritual Services

Agapé Hospice provides a faith-based focus on all the needs of our patients and their families. As you read above, our team includes a chaplain and grief counselors. Furthermore, our president is a Christian minister. The leadership of our hospice company as well as our team members ensures our patients and their families receive all the spiritual guidance and comfort they need. However, we are a multicultural organization, meaning we accept anyone, even those whose faith or culture might be less familiar to us.

South Carolina Locations

Thanks to the fact that we have over 20 locations all over South Carolina, you are sure to find an Agapé Hospice within your region. Find the nearest location to you. Our convenient locations throughout South Carolina are ready to help you.

If I defined Hospice it would be the ability to be comfortable in an otherwise normally uncomfortable setting.

Rebecca Steele,

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