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Hospice Healthcare Professionals | Agape Hospice Care | South Carolina

Hospice Healthcare Professionals in South Carolina

hospice patient with family

Making the determination and prognosis that a patient is nearing the end of life is never easy. Furthermore, sharing a terminal prognosis with the patient and family is even more difficult. We understand how challenging it can be to transition from trying to extend someone’s life to help them maintain a quality of life for as long as possible. Agapé Hospice will work closely with you to meet the medical and emotional needs of your patients while being supportive of their religious/cultural preferences and wishes for palliative, supportive care. We are committed to providing your patients, who are dealing with a life-limiting illness, with comprehensive care.

About Us

Agapé Hospice is a faith-based, culturally-diverse hospice with locations throughout South Carolina. Our name Agapé means godly love, and we feel this spirit is essential to a quality end-of-life experience. Our team includes 37 RN’s skilled in case management and certified in hospice & palliative care. We currently have one 12-bed hospice home in Columbia, a 30-bed hospice home in Lexington, and coming summer 2019,  a 30-bed Hospice Home in Summerville, SC. We have 28 contracts with hospitals and skilled nursing facilities across the state and are licensed to serve all 46 counties in South Carolina with 21 locations.

Agapé Hospice is affiliated with The Carolinas Center (TCC), The National Hospice + Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), and The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC). We are accredited by The Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

Our healthcare professionals collaborate with the attending physician to coordinate care and provide counseling for the patient and their family. We extend bereavement to the family through the anniversary of passing.

In addition to the patient and caregiver services we provide, we offer an array of resources for health care professionals who work with critically ill individuals. We understand the challenges of this demanding and rewarding work. We also realize that many general education programs and resources don’t always address the unique aspects of a hospice practice. That’s where we can help you and your staff.

What We Do

At Agapé Hospice, we view health care professionals as our valued partners. As such, our goal is to share information and knowledge with patients. 

Among the services/resources available to healthcare professionals are:

  • Simple referral process
  • Patient consultations on advanced care planning
  • Palliative physical + occupational therapy for your patients
  • 28 general inpatient contract sites across S.C.
  • Contracted, registered dietitian services
  • Ethics committee
  • Quality assessment process improvement team
  • Corporate compliance officer certified in health care compliance
  • FAQs for health care professionals
  • Continuing education
  • Resources for health care professionals, including advance care planning, overseeing the care plan and 11th hour crisis assistance
  • Education on prognosis and disease progression

Too often end of life care and services get lost amidst new studies and life-saving procedures. Hospice care is our specialty and our sole focus. As such, we can help you and your team meet the needs of your patients and their families at this emotional and stressful time in their lives.

To learn more about how working with Agapé can enhance your facility or practice’s range of services and your team’s knowledge of end of life health care, contact us today.

If I defined Hospice it would be the ability to be comfortable in an otherwise normally uncomfortable setting.

Rebecca Steele,

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