Employee Education

employee education
  • Because of his dedication to the continued education and training of Agapé Hospice employees, in 2010 our CEO Scott Middleton established our own Agapé
    University for online learning, making it available and accessible to all employees at anytime from anywhere.
  • We are committed “to the pursuit in excellence” in all we do as we strive to continually improve our services and care through the application of knowledge and the implementation of putting that education into practice each and every day.
  • Our plethora of diverse courses are beneficial to every employee for learning a new job, fulfilling required in-services, professional development, learning through a course of the month or weekly assignments by supervisors, discovering knowledge about other jobs as well as their own, AND just for the love of learning!
  • The US Dept. of Labor has approved and registered many Agapé Hospice Apprenticeship Programs for various occupations including Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Marketing and Outreach Associates, and Support Services Specialists (for Social Workers, Bereavement Coordinators and Chaplains).
  • With meticulously documented requirements of job related education AND on-the-job training that are specific for Agapé Hospice, several hundred Agapé Hospice Apprentices have graduated from these valuable programs and successfully earned their US Department of Labor certificate and credentials.
  • Providing the highest quality care as well as overall understanding of the compassionate care that only hospice offers, we are pleased to provide our nurses and nursing assistants the training needed to prepare them to become Hospice and Palliative Care Certified.

Dying is not a happy experience, but having people surround your family and loved one as they pass meant the world to us. the fact that they actually care about dying peacefully and make it their goal to provide comfort and peace during the process was so comforting.

Rebecca Steele,

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