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Agape Hospice Care | Columbia, South Carolina

Agapé Hospice | Providing South Carolina Hospice Care

Agapé Hospice provides compassionate care in an embracive and faith-based manner. We are founded on providing the most service and comfort possible to residents and their families, as this is an important time in each of their lives.

Our tightly-knit community of staff and residents will happily accept and support you and your loved one as we continue our life’s journey together. As a multicultural organization, we cater to the needs of many diverse people, and we have over 20 locations in South Carolina to keep your family member close to their family.

Our faith guides us through each day and we aim to provide you with that same endearing passion. Our President is a Christian minister, leading us with not only physical and emotional support, but also spiritual guidance. We always treat everyone we know with plenty and equal amounts of attention and support.

A Caring, Loving Hospice Service in South Carolina

By providing our residents and their families with comprehensive and high-quality end of life care services, we can ensure the utmost comfort and pleasure. Our team’s faith-based approach focuses on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each of our residents and their family members. We customize care for each individual and provide respectful, loving support.

Our Team

The Agapé Hospice family is made up of physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, homemakers, medical social workers, chaplains, grief counselors and hospice volunteers. Each member of our team has specialized training and a unique role to fill in the hospice experience. However, we all have one thing in common. We are all here to provide the highest level of care and comfort to our patients and their loved ones. Every member of the Agapé Hospice team is here to answer your questions, thoroughly consider your comments, and address your concerns.

Complete Hospice Care Customized to Your Needs

To accomplish this, Agapé Hospice provides a full line of services. This includes the following throughout our South Carolina locations:

  • Home Hospice Services
  • On-site and Facility Hospice Services
  • Full Grief Support
  • Spiritual Support
  • Community Education
  • Crisis Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Inpatient Hospice

When you meet with our team at Agapé Hospice, we’ll help teach you about each of these types of hospice services and how they can help to meet your family member’s immediate needs. No matter how long you and your family are with us, we aspire to provide that service in the most appropriate manner possible for your specific case.

Helping You to Know Your Options

End of life decisions, including whether or not to reach out for hospice care, can be difficult. You do not have to do it alone. When you work closely with Agapé Hospice, we can help to encourage you to take the right steps for you and your family. That first step comes by working with the well-trained and highly experienced team at Agapé Hospice. What we want most is to connect you and your loved one with the best possible hospice care that integrates a gentle and friendly mindset.

Discuss with us your needs, concerns and opinions. At Agapé Hospice, we know that every journey through the end of life is difficult for each person involved, but with the guidance of our team and the spiritual support you gain here, we aim to make the process as peaceful and as comfortable for you and your loved ones as can be.

As an organization revolving around faithful principles, we value every person’s life and will work for you to make sure it is well-spent. We urge you to join us in growing our faith, because we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Rather than just the staff, we say this to your loved one as the entire Agapé community: Come live with us!

Contact our healthcare professionals today. At Agapé Hospice, you will always receive unparalleled care.

I am old enough to remember life before hospice, and the deaths I have seen were not happy, peaceful passings.

Rebecca Steele,

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